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It’s not enough to just create a great piece of software which is constantly improving at an affordable price. In order for it to be a real success, an excellent level of service needs to match this. At BuilderStorm, we pride ourselves on both. We love having a close and personal relationship with our clients.

We encourage our potential clients to get in touch with our existing clients. We are committed to complete transparency. We started BuilderStorm with the intention of creating the best construction project management software. But it is important to us that everyone is happy. We take it very personally if someone has a problem and we go out of our way to address the issue.

Come be part of the BuilderStorm family

If you’re thinking of signing up to BuilderStorm, but you have questions, please let us know. Maybe you’re thinking “What if I have a problem?”, “Will I really get it to work for our company?”, “Will they help if I have any questions?”. The answer is yes, we’re here to help – everything from getting the software up and running for you, to tailoring it to work just how you want it to. We don’t leave anyone behind. You’re part of the BuilderStorm family, and we look after our own.

Is this just another sales pitch?

Definitely not. Here at BuilderStorm, we let our clients do the talking. There are many review sites out there, but we are aware of (at least) the following sites and are proud to be associated with them. Please check them out to see what other people have said about us and make your own mind up.

BuilderStorm review sites

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Capterra – Helping organisations find the right software for them – More reviews on BuilderStorm.

BuilderStorm Feedback & Reviews

To find out more about these review services and how they work, please click on the links above. We have tried to provide some impartial advice about their services. We actually haven’t used them, but they’re all market leaders in this field, so they must be doing something right!

If you would like to help us out and provide your own review or any feedback for that matter, please get in touch. We love to hear your feedback.