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With over 40 years of construction site experience in the BuilderStorm.com team and 20 years experience of producing bespoke software solutions for the industry, you can be safe in the knowledge that BuilderStorm is a first rate solution.

We have produced bespoke engineering software solutions for iconic British construction projects, including the Diamond Light Source particle accelerator in Didcot, Oxfordshire and The Bullring shopping centre in Birmingham, West Midlands, as well as supplying custom created software for civil engineers across the UK for decades.

We see BuilderStorm.com as the next step in the progression of site based systems that streamline your workforce and provide the records and documents you need to be able to compete in today’s fast-paced construction industry.

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Build Right! 4 Benefits of Construction Management Software - Build Right! 4 Benefits of Construction Management Software It goes without saying, that to be competitive in today’s construction industry, contractors, architects, developers and owners need to do a lot more with a lot less. Consequently, many construction professionals are considering construction management software. Moreover, construction management software can help contractors and architects make decisions […]
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Small Builder Construction Software Benefits - Running a small construction company can be challenging; even small builders can have a lot of complex information and paperwork to manage and keep track of such as timesheets, invoices, plans, drawings and numerous other records and files. Managing everything and keeping track on everyone can prove to be time-consuming and finicky, not to mention […]
Keep Track of your Employees Progress Anywhere, Anytime - To Keep track of your employees progress, every single on of them, whilst monitoring their progress is one of the keys to a successful construction project. Not only does this help you to nip problems in the bud, it also ensures that you help your team work to their optimal potential and and achieve maximum […]
Easy Construction Photo Storage at your Fingertips - Another one of the many benefits of BuilderStorm’s construction project management software is construction photo storage or the ability to save photos for every single one of your projects within its own folder on the cloud. This means you have immediate access to all of your photos on any device; all you need is an […]
Create your own Construction Recruitment Database - Create your own Construction Recruitment Database If you are a construction recruitment agency looking for a straightforward way to organise and keep track of your workforce, BuilderStorm‘s unique and innovative construction project management software provides the perfect solution. BuilderStorm enables you to build a construction recruitment database for optimal workforce management. From here you can […]
All New Collaborative Drawing Software from BuilderStorm - Real-time communication is one of the keys to successful management of a construction project. In the old days making changes to drawings and plans could be a time-consuming affair and could also involve costly setbacks if certain changes weren’t communicated to all collaborators. Those times will be hard to imagine now with BuilderStorm’s latest feature […]
BuilderStorm’s New Construction Online Support - When your company begins using a brand new piece of software, it can seem overwhelming at first, especially if there are a lot of customisable features to take in and get used to. With this in mind, BuilderStorm has committed themselves to providing customer support which goes above and beyond normal customer support. Whilst logged […]
BuilderStorm: Save Time, Save Money - A construction project which lacks precise management and effective communication can quickly become costly. You can burn a lot of time and waste a lot money trying to arrange things, coordinating different members of your workforce and being the middleman in communications between different collaborators. Even for smaller builders, the management and organisation involved within […]
Free Construction Text/SMS Management - If you are construction agency involved in multiple construction projects, keeping track of everything and keeping everyone up to speed on what’s going on can prove tricky. Not everyone keeps track of emails or can be reached on the phone at all times. One of the most efficient methods for alerting workers of important announcements […]
RFI Construction Software - Why is RFI Construction Software necessary for today’s construction industry? A Request For Information on a construction companies projects can be extremely time consuming, tieing up employees when they needn’t be. Historically, RFIs were simply lost in a managers ever growing inbox, and there were occasions that attachments were lost, causing a project to delay […]
Small Construction Business Software: Your road to success! - Small Construction Business Software: Equal Opportunities – Your road to success! These days, smaller construction companies are often overlooked by software companies because they simply don’t have a large budget. In general they do not have the same opportunities to improve their daily operations to maximise their company’s performance.  These issues don’t stop small construction […]
Construction Document Storage - How construction firms are taking advantage of technology – Construction Document Storage Traditionally a lot of Construction Document Storage consists of lots of project files both in paper and digital format that are stored by companies on-site or on a few office based computers. There’s typically an initial outlay for Windows/Mac based software to manage […]
Project Cloud Storage – Best Offer On The Net – Better Than Dropbox For Construction - Sign Up Now To BuilderStorm’s Exclusive Summer Deal! From now until the end of September you can take advantage of our summer promotion. If you using Dropbox for construction or any other storage solution for your project drawings and documents you could be paying too much.  With Dropbox charging a minimum of £45 per month […]
Are you being effective with your inductions? - BuilderStorm’s On-line Induction system BuilderStorm is changing the way inductions are be carried out across the UK.  We are always looking at ways we can streamline current building practices or make cost savings on repetitive tasks, ideally both. One item that always comes up is site inductions. There are an estimated 2.93 million construction related […]
Construction Software: Who Knows Best? - Construction Software: Who Knows Best? At BuilderStorm, we are always looking to better understand the market that we cater for. We believe that unless we know what our subscribers want we can’t really provide them with suitable solutions. This is the perspective we had when we came across some research Software Advice, a construction software review firm, had carried out […]
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Why BuilderStorm Is the Best Construction Software for You - Possibly The Best Construction Software Online? As focus shifts from conventional methods of handling construction project tasks towards more technology intensive solutions, more and more construction firms in the country are deciding to adopt software based solutions. This transition period has received an impetus in the last few years mainly because the United Kingdom government […]
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