Construction File Storage


Ideal Online Construction File Storage and Hosting From BuilderStorm

It’s a well-known fact that a large percentage of a construction business’s annual outlay goes into construction file storage and management facilities. A vast number of construction enterprises spend a considerable amount of money simply to be able to keep their construction documents such as invoices, compliance orders, blueprints, models, and even vendor specifics intact and easily accessible in the future.

While the more traditional organisations use physical construction file storage solutions such as warehouses and self-storage facilities, the relatively modern organisations have established self-controlled servers to store their files digitally. Even though the former option is far more expensive than the latter option, online construction file hosting and storage, a more cost and time efficient option, has now become available.

What Is Online Construction File Storage And Hosting?

The biggest barrier to using online construction file storage and hosting services is that of a certain lack of understanding. Most people, even highly qualified construction professionals, don’t understand how such services work. In fact, if you can understand these services, their inherent benefits become immediately evident. For instance, online building file hosting services will negate the need for renting out physical space or for that matter getting servers and hiring an army of technicians to service those servers. The reason for this is that online building file storage services operate on the cloud. A cloud is like a smaller version of the internet.

While the internet is a collation of all the computers and servers in the world, a cloud is a collation of a select few computers and servers which are under the control of your service provider. What this means is that you can say goodbye to the cost of renting physical space, to the cost of getting server equipment, and to the cost of hiring technicians. Ideal examples of cloud storage and hosting are Google Drive and iCloud. However, you can’t really use these generic storage services for your construction specific documents as they may contain sensitive information and may be too large for the limits that these services impose. The solution is, of course, to choose a system or service designed specifically for the construction industry i.e. BuilderStorm.

What Benefits Do You Gain?

The immediate benefit of using a service like BuilderStorm is that you save a lot of money, as mentioned above. However, there are other benefits as well. Here are some that can make a world of difference to your business.

  1. Using online construction file storage services will make your documents that much more accessible regardless of your location or the device that you’re using.
  2. Another benefit of online construction file hosting services is that of security. Documents and models stored in the cloud are significantly more secure because there is nothing physical that can be attacked or damaged.
  3. With such services, there is no threat of accidents destroying your file or even thieves stealing them.
  4. Scalability is also a critical benefit of using such services. When you rent a physical space or have servers, every time you want to expand your storage capacity, you’ll have to pay through the nose and even wait till the upgrade is complete. With online building file storage facilities, you’ll only have to click on a single button, pay a small sum, and wait only moments before your cloud storage space is expanded.

Each of these benefits are tailor-made for businesses to grow from.  They impart versatility and flexibility which, in turn, make the business capable of adapting to the changing dynamics of an industry that can be fairly volatile even without changing requirements from the government.

Why BuilderStorm’s Services Are Perfect?

When it comes to construction file storage, you need certain specific qualities from your service provider. The first is support for extensions and platforms that are specific to the construction industry and the second is the size of the storage space because building files tend to be immense in size. Now, you may find a few online construction file storage that can provide such qualities. Even within them, BuilderStorm is a class apart. Why? Here are some special qualities of BuilderStorm’s online construction file storage services.

  1. Security: BuilderStorm’s building file hosting services benefit from the same kind of security that banks are known for i.e. SSL or Secure Sockets Layer. It uses high end SSL certificates which ensure that data exchange between your devices and BuilderStorm are encrypted. Furthermore, BuilderStorm has an inbuilt system for regularly backing up your data so even the danger of data loss is averted. Effectively, your data can neither get corrupted or stolen while being transferred from your physical device to the cloud.
  1. Document and Drawing Hosting features: BuilderStorm also boasts of state of the art document and drawing hosting features. For example, with document hosting, you’ll get the benefit of unlimited cloud storage, instant download services, multi device compatibility, and unique services like document monitoring, commenting, collaboration, signing and revisions handled automatically. Permissions are important and with the Document Management System, the senior management can restrict access to these files by setting the appropriate user permissions and document access levels. Drawing hosting features are also vast and impressive. You get to store DWG and PDF files, be able to download drawings in bulk, and even comment, track, and share different types of files with ease.
  1. BIM compatibility: Finally, in the United Kingdom, Building Information Modelling (BIM) is due to become mandatory for construction organisations dealing with government institutions by 2016. BuilderStorm takes cognisance of this fact by ensuring that its services are all BIM compatible. This means that if you’re on non BIM systems, on BIM systems, or even plan on using BIM systems, BuilderStorm becomes your vehicle to success.

Other Features That Add Value to Your Account

BuilderStorm, not surprisingly, is not just about online construction file storage and hosting. It provides the full spectrum of online project management features and facilities. The entire service includes modules and systems designed for various day to day tasks that construction firms on or off BIM principles have to implement. Modules, other than online building file hosting services, available with BuilderStorm include an activity manager, an allocation manager, an asset manager, an invoice manager, importer and exporter manager, project management modules, environmental reporting, a training compliance manager, timesheets, RFIs, defects and a lot more listed in the features section.