Create your own Construction Recruitment Database


Create your own Construction Recruitment Database

Create your own Construction Recruitment Database

If you are a construction recruitment agency looking for a straightforward way to organise and keep track of your workforce, BuilderStorm‘s unique and innovative construction project management software provides the perfect solution. BuilderStorm enables you to build a construction recruitment database for optimal workforce management. From here you can manage timesheets, keep workers on the books, keep a record of all communication as well as have useful information to hand such as worker’s skills and rates. These are just some of the features that will benefit recruitment agencies when they use BuilderStorm to organise a recruitment database. Maintaining a database with the BuilderStorm software is easy, saves you time and offers an unprecedented level of versatility. Everything is stored in the cloud and the software is mobile and tablet friendly which means you can stay on top of things whether you’re in the office or on the move.

BuilderStorm allows workers to submit their own timesheets which can then be approved by admin staff within your company. Everyone has access to the same interface where they can access notes, feedback or any other information you wish to implement. BuilderStorm’s construction project management software is incredibly versatile; if there is a feature not included that you need, we’ll implement it for you at no extra charge.

Detailed Information Available Wherever you are on any Device

Construction Recruitment Database

BuilderStorm also enables agencies to create a construction recruitment database which retains workers on the books and monitors when they were last contacted and by whom. You can keep information on the specific skills that each particular worker has to offer, making it easy to locate the right person for the right job. This offers the advantage that different types of data are all integrated into one easy to use system that is accessible by anyone within your company. You can set up logins for each member of your admin staff and workforce to enable them to log their data. Instead of information being scattered around, it is maintained within one streamlined and straightforward online construction recruitment database. Admin staff will be able to access information with drastically increased speed and efficiency, improving productivity to a high degree whilst reducing costs at the same time. This optimisation of shared information and communication is certain to help your company run with much more overall efficiency, helping to nurture growth whilst affording you a competitive edge using this construction recruitment database.

Safe and Secure Data Management for Construction Agencies

Construction agencies

We realise that, as a professional construction recruitment agency, data security is of paramount importance to you. Security is one of our top priorities as well; we ensure that all your data is safely secured and regularly backed up. As well as frequent automatic back-ups, you can also choose to make manual back-ups for your complete peace of mind. Another benefit of maintaining a construction recruitment database with BuilderStorm’s ground-breaking construction recruitment database software is that it does away with paperwork. Nowadays we are increasingly realising the dream of a paperless office. BuilderStorm helps you do away with the headache of filing cabinets, creating an environmentally friendly, efficient and streamlined data management solution.

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