Free Construction Text/SMS Management

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If you are construction agency involved in multiple construction projects, keeping track of everything and keeping everyone up to speed on what’s going on can prove tricky. Not everyone keeps track of emails or can be reached on the phone at all times. One of the most efficient methods for alerting workers of important announcements such as schedule changes is to send out mass text/SMS notifications. BuilderStorm‘s construction project management software enables you to do that, ensuring everyone in the workforce is up to date and is made aware of important announcements as swiftly as possible. This can be crucial when it comes to keeping your workers informed, minimising inconvenience when there are changes to schedules, and generally keeping everyone happy.

Instant Notifications for Optimised Workforce Management

Maintaining effective and rapid communication with your workforce is easy and cost-effective with the BuilderStorm construction project management software. An allocation of free texts come included with the package and it’s easy to add more for a small surcharge if required. Using Builderstorm’s text/SMS notification feature will help your company to run more smoothly and efficiently, ensuring that are no breakdowns in communication which could result in costly setbacks.

Intelligent Filters to Contact the Relevant Individuals

There will inevitably be times when it will not be necessary to contact every single individual within your database. This is why BuilderStorm have implemented a filters system which enables you to send instant notifications to the relevant individuals only. This helps to prevent you using up your allocation of free texts and also means you won’t be pestering everyone with gratuitous updates all the time. The filter system is intelligent and easy to use; it’s seamlessly integrated into the BuilderStorm software to ensure that contacting the right people is a straightforward and hassle-free affair.

There are a number of instances when contacting everyone en masse via text/SMS will prove to be the most efficient means of communication. As well as important changes to a work schedule you may also be seeking a quick and easy way to get a hold of everyone on your books, including workers not currently working. As well as providing notifications and updates, you can also send out requests to workers and the like.

Improve Efficiency and Save Time with Free Text Message Notifications (up to a pre-defined limit)

Text messages are the most effective and quickest way of contacting everyone with urgent information. Texts are received instantaneously; there’s no danger of someone not checking their email or an email ending up in a spam folder. Texts are also much more efficient compared to taking the time and expense of phoning everyone individually which is why we’ve integrated a text/SMS feature into the BuilderStorm construction project management software. The content of the text message itself is easy to edit from within the software. BuilderStorm is cloud-based and mobile/tablet friendly which means you can arrange to send out instant notifications at any time wherever you are, whether from a laptop in your office or from a tablet or smartphone when out on site. Keeping everyone in the loop has never been easier with BuilderStorm’s innovative and user-friendly construction project management software.

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