How to use timesheets in construction


Timesheets are a great way of tracking the shifts that your staff work. However, in the hectic modern construction environment, it can be tough to keep on top of when your staff are clocking in and clocking out of their shifts, which project they are assigned to or what rate you are paying them, meaning you might not be getting as much from your team as you otherwise could, or are not tracking or assigning the costs to projects effectively.

Tracking time digitally using a software like BuilderStorm means you will know whether all your team is making progress on their tasks, especially if used alongside our allocations, to do or daily diary features..

This is not the only benefit of logging your staff’s time. By knowing how many hours you’re spending on a particular job, you’ll be able to more accurately know how much you should be charging and what it’s costing your project and business.

Ultimately, if you can measure something, it is far easier to manage it. Understanding how much time you’re spending on projects is the first step to seeing whether you could be managing your firm’s time better, with reference to your jobs’ progress.

Where BuilderStorm comes in…

The timesheet section of our industry leading software manages the hours, days and shifts worked by all of your site-based and office staff. You can create a timesheet unique to your company where you can add different days of the week or month and add custom fields for things that vary in cost like expenses, fuel allowance or accommodation costs and assign to a cost code or exports to your accounts and payroll team.

With our software, you’ll never again leave anyone without an allocated job ocr pay someone who was absent. The company overview section will show you any users that have worked less or more than your usual working week. If you have a third party payroll processor, you can easily send them a copy of your company overview or export hours worked as a CRV to systems like Sage in house.

If you’d like to know more about using BuilderStorm to manage your timesheets, book a demo or give us a call on +(44)1403 210 103.

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