Embury Property Services
About Embury Property Services

Embury Property Services is a family run business with over 20 years of experience in the industry. They offer a full range of services including kitchen & bathroom fittings, plumbing, gas and heating, electrics, home decorating, fencing, window/door repairs, carpentry, extensions and building works.

What is the BuilderStorm solution?

Embury Property Services were keen to find a solution that would enable them to communicate with their team and external sub-contractors seamlessly.
They were also looking for a simple, yet effective way for their team to complete their timesheets.

How we helped Embury Property Services?

The Request for Information (RFI) feature manages projects request for information procedure. When you compose the RFI you can add drawings, documents and photos with all responses stored against your project in BuilderStorm. The feature uses our unique colour-coded padlock system to track the status of your RFIs so you can see at a glance how your project is performing. This simple interface replaced the need for sending and tracking emails/word documents, removing the need to search for answers as they are all stored in one place.

The snag feature enables you to clearly capture and mark a snag, using drawings, documents and photos to share with the person responsible for fixing. This feature also uses our unique colour-coded padlock system, so you can track the status of the snags and again all communication in regard to the snag is stored against the project in BuilderStorm.

Site Access is a very simple, however extremely effective way of capturing hours to populate time sheets. Mobile friendly, there is a tile that when click automatically signs you into the project that you are closer to and then with another click of the button, at the end of the day it will sign you out, with all hours captured in timesheets.

All the above features have been designed to use on your desktop or mobile. This allows the team on site to use their smartphones to create Snags, RFI’s and indeed sign in and out for the day.

Why Embury Property Services Choose BuilderStorm?

When Embury Property Services spoke to BuilderStorm they could easily see the benefits our software package would provide to ensure communication flowed internally and externally.

Samantha Embury – Embury Property Services

“BuilderStorm has transformed the running of our business. Prior to signing up we were using a mish mash of systems, software and hard copies. Where our business had expanded, my partner and I were struggling to handle the running of the business. From the initial contact until now, every experience with BuilderStorm has been excellent. Since we have signed up, the business is much more streamlined and organised. My partner and I are now able retain control of management without hiring additional people. The BuilderStorm team are fantastic and customer care is brilliant! Highly recommended!”