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So what would you like to know?

If you can’t find out what you need to know from our FAQ list below, please get in touch via our contact form, email or call +(44)1403 210 103.


How much does it cost?

We will need to find out how many projects, users you intend to use and also what features you are interested in using in order to quote effectively.

Can we export data from the BuilderStorm Application?

Most sections within the site can be exported in either a PDF or CSV file format. This data can then be shared or emailed with other users as required.  We are also looking into providing web services where you can interrogate the site directly and import the data into your own applications.

How secure is the application?

The application runs with the same security as your online banking. Everything runs over HTTPS, meaning that every bit of information that is transmitted is encrypted to 2048 bit encryption. Regular third party security checks are made to ensure the site is up to date with any known vulnerabilities. See Security for further information.

Do you make regular backups and is my data safe?

Yes and yes. Apart from making regular backups and storing these in multiple locations, we also give you the flexibility to make your own backups. You can choose to backup specific sections, just files or the whole thing. We also keep a log of the backups that you can access.

Your data is stored under the Data Protection Act and never given to any third parties. See Security for further information.