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Activity Manager

Let Activity Manager carry out Smart Active Monitoring


In order to deliver intelligent notifications to users based on the state of a given project, BuilderStorm’s Activity Manager logs all actions that are carried out by all users of the software. You can use this information to try and optimise your operations, or let the system just get on with it. This provides numerous benefits, especially for project managers, such as:


Third parties such as sub-contractors, engineers, architects, customers etc. may dispute when a particular given action took place and try to make you accountable. Activity Manager cannot be tampered with, and is a great tool to clarify any accountability issues.


Activity Manager stores data which is particularly useful if you want to compare two projects that are performing differently, but you’re unclear why. Activity Manager’s reports system means you can generate standard reports, or custom ones providing the data is there to interrogate.

Permission based

As with all BuilderStorm elements, this feature does not have to be used if it is not required but can be easily set up so that only certain individuals have access. It is likely that 95% of your workforce will not need to access this feature and it could therefore be disabled by default for certain user types.

More flexibility and functionality

Example Use

Activity Manager logs any interaction with the database for each of the main sections of the application. For example, it would log that ‘User X’ uploaded a ‘Drawing A’ on a dd/mm/yy at hh:mm. It could also log that ‘User Y’ attempted to download ‘Drawing A’ on dd/mm/yy at hh:mm and then updated ‘Drawing A’ at hh:mm. This has the obvious benefits of providing information for all and any individual actions.

How to use it

The interface for BuilderStorm’s Activity Manager looks very much like the rest of the application. The main header has with a selection of form fields that can be used to filter certain information. You can filter by project, type of feature, user and date period. Activity Manager can report all kinds of data, such as, what type of action took place, what the action was, the given project, which user carried out the action and provide a time stamp. If you’re only interested in a particular project, you can filter the feature accordingly. If you’re only interested in a certain user or company, you can further filter the data to show just this selection. If you want to share the information, you can also export it as a .csv or PDF for future reference. One of the most powerful features of Activity Manager is that even if you don’t need to access it directly yourself to interrogate certain data, BuilderStorm continues to use it in the background to monitor for other elements on the system, such as the Notification Manager and Reports.

Activity Manager Key Features

Track the features your team uses the most – Apply filters to fine tune the data you receive

Key Benefits

Verify an event took place – Monitor employee performance

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