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Quick and straightforward allocation of your workforce


BuilderStorm’s Allocations feature will keep accurate records of your site operatives’ duties for each day. It’s an extremely easy to use system with a simple bespoke click-and-drag interface.

Managing activities

An allocation can be created via the “manage activities” sub section or created on the fly when assigned to an operative or a group of operatives. Each allocation is assigned a colour and an entry will be created in the legend on the right hand side of the page. As new allocations are created, they will become available for anyone within your organisation to use. Within a short space of time, the most common tasks will be available and ready to select from a drop down menu.

Report generation

If your operatives have been assigned a wage, the system will keep perfect records of your expenditure in any given allocation so you can keep up to date with expenditure vs predicted costs. The report’s sub category will produce an in-browser view of costs based on the date and allocation filters you specify. The report can also be exported to a PDF or CSV file for record keeping and/or importing into other applications. All financial information is permission based, so you can choose whether exactly who has permission to view wages or costs. Cost data is still retained for anyone who has permission to view this.

The allocations of your operatives are shared with anyone who is linked to the project and has the appropriate permissions to view them. This means your office team can keep to up to date with progress and spending without having to visit the site.

This section, along with Asset Manager and Procurements, will keep track of all your projects spending from start to finish. It is capable of giving real time spending at the click of a button.

More flexibility and functionality

Key features

Create activities – Assign to groups of operatives – Share with your project team

Key benefits

Accurate labour records – Reports in PDF & CSV format

Allocations Overview
Allocations Overview

Activity Manager
Activity Manager

Labour Allocation Report Generation
Labour Allocation Report Generation

Mobile BuilderStorm - Allocations
Mobile Allocations View

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