Plan and track your labour and costs across all your projects
Allocate workers to help planning

Planning ahead with your project by allocating labour to a given task. Different views allow clear transparency on who is doing what and when. Different views and filters allow you to drill down into the work or see a nice overview of who is working on what.

Group users to tasks with instructions and cost

Allocate a task to a user or to the team. Costs can be generated against tasks to help predict spending. These tasks are then available to the team from their computer, phone or tablet.

Create Custom Tasks

You have the option of creating new tasks or assigning existing repeated tasks from other projects. These can be as complex or simple as you like to help your workforce manage their day-to-day jobs.

Access user jobs on any device, including mobile

Tasks can be accessed on different devices such as mobiles or tablets. Tasks are typically marked in different colours to easily distinguish between them and can be viewed in different formats to suit the user and type of work being completed.

But wait, there’s a whole lot more


The allocations system will ensure that workers are never assigned to tasks that overlap from a time perspective ensuring that they're not doubled booked or miss an appointment.


Like most features within BuilderStorm, the Allocations feature is mobile friendly and can be used on all smart phones on the go. The view is simplified to make it nice and clear what they should be working on and when.