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Plant Manager

Manage your Plant with ease

BuilderStorm’s Plant Manager will keep track of all your plant, machines and much more. By creating custom categories and sub categories, you can reference your plant in any way you wish. Site managers can then quickly find the item they want by navigating the various menus within the Plant Manager section. For example, if they require a 110v hand drill, they look in the hand tools and 110v sub category, select the drill they require and click “on hire”.

Intelligent notifications

Your plant manager will get a notification detailing who has requested each item in real time. The Plant Manager section will even produce an on-hire list showing all the items hired within a given time frame.

Once each item is no longer needed, the site manager can off-hire the item from the project equipment list, and the plant manager will get a notification that the item is ready for collection. The Plant Manager feature will also produce an off-hire list showing all the items that have been off-hired within a given time frame.

The system will automatically group on-hired and off-hired items together and assign them to your delivery team based on the project’s location. Your plant manager can then tweak this report so each delivery person has an efficient route and knows which items to collect and drop off.

More flexibility and functionality

Auditable accounts

Plant Manager will keep track of each item’s history, where it has been and when it was serviced. It will also store PAT test certificates, user instructions and other documents online so your site team can download all the relevant paperwork once the item arrives on site.

The system can also manage costs, so if an item is given a purchase cost and an effective hire rate (hourly, daily, weekly etc), it will produce profit and loss on each item, and show the cost of each item to each project.

Key features

Concise asset accounting – Delivery & collection route planner – Online paperwork storage

Key benefits

Accurate records of on-hire and off-hire dates and time – More efficient planning and workforce

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Plant Manager – Hiring assets


Plant Manager – Master Asset listing