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What is BIM?

BIM or Building Information Modelling is all about providing a common platform for all parties that are involved with the project can use to communicate, share drawings and work collaboratively on the project from start to finish.

This data is used to improve the build process by reducing errors, spotting issues before they occur and make it easier for different companies to design and resolve different elements of the build.

Why BIM?

The UK government laid out plans in 2011 for all of their construction projects over £5million to be BIM compliant by 2016. This proposal was initially lead by the UK government’s BIM Task Group which worked with the UK Contractors Group to spearhead this campaign. With the UKCG keen to adopt the new guidelines, it is likely that BIM will spread to non-government contracts and become the industry standard.

BuilderStorm & BIM

We offer all the tools and features you need to demonstrate you are BIM level 2 compliant. We can provide on-line drawing hosting with robust revision control and full audit trails. Our RFI system means that everyone can be on the same page when looking at design queries. Project photos keep track of the project as it changes over time, and the whole project and all the data can be exported at the end for hand-over to the client.

Our software is already being used by clients under the BIM directive. Click here to read a blog post by our CEO, where I H B are using BuilderStorm to build a new £18m project in Warrington.

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