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Company Documents – keeping all your files safe and accessible

More and more contractors are turning to BuilderStorm for their company documents solution. Other providers such as Dropbox simply don’t offer the tools and facilities they need. BuilderStorm is designed purely for use on building sites rather than “a one size fits all” generic service.

Our Company Documents, combined with Project Drawings & Project Documents, offers everything you need to keep all your paperwork organised and in the right place.

Company-wide document solution

Our Company Documents solution is designed solely for use within the construction industry. The feature is designed to keep all your company-wide documents in one place for all your staff to access and use. This makes it ideal for permits, check sheets, new employee records and lots more. BuilderStorm enables you to create your own categories so you can keep all your method statements in one place, separate from your risk assessments. With our standard search functions, your staff can find and download the document they need quickly and easily.

Securing Sensitive Information

Using our category system, you can ensure that your important documents remain private. By setting the access level of a given category, you can fully control who can view it using the permission groups. Once a category has been created, you can assign the permission groups that you want to have access to see the documents that have been uploaded to that category. This is extremely useful for limiting any given access to documents within a project. We at BuilderStorm suggest that you create permission groups with this in mind.


Company Documents Category System

Users can edit and download documents dependent on their permissions – for more detail on this, please see our User Management page. You have total control over where the documents are stored and how your team can interact with them.

Company Documents – integrated across other features

We see Company Documents as the main place to keep all your company documents, but combined with our Project Documents feature, it becomes the full package. Unlike other storage providers, we offer project-specific storage so users who have been assigned just a few projects will only see the documents relevant to those projects and not get distracted or confused with documents from a different construction site. If you have a Health & Safety officer, they could amend your standard method statements from the Company Documents section to be more project-specific and then transfer these to the project documents folder ready for your site team on site.  No more emailing out masses of documents only to be hit by maximum file sizes, or posting documents to the construction site; a permanent record can be kept on the BuilderStorm system.

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