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Cost Tracking

Seamless, Live Cost Tracking

Many construction companies operate with no real sense of project spend until the numbers start to come in from invoices, often many months after the work was carried out, by the time you notice the overspend, it could be too late.

Real-time Cost Tracking

Our cost tracking feature is designed to track these costs in real time, at the point of entry. So every time a user hires a tool or completes a timesheet or orders materials, they will be asked to set a cost code. These cost codes will then allow you to instantly see what has been spent, and where it has been spent.

Fully integrated

Starting with our Bill Of Quants feature you can import a client supplied BOQ and add your own notes, measure, and rates. You can also add a standard percentage or fixed profit margin. This information can then feed directly into your Quotation.  Once the BOQ is completed and the items grouped in cost codes such as ‘Prelims’ ‘Groundworks’ ‘Mechanical and electrical’ users can then use these cost codes when they create a new entry on BuilderStorm in one of our other features that involve costs.

Clear Data, Totally Exportable

All of this data is displayed in an easy to read table, with colour coded text to show overspend and margins. The data can be filtered by date range, cost code and the amount and exported to a PDF or CSV report for use within other pieces of software.

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