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Custom Fields

Flexibility is the key

We don’t expect BuilderStorm to be used in the same way by every company and we also don’t expect companies to have the same requirements. To this end, we have aimed to give as much control as possible to users rather than making assumptions about how you will use the system or attempting to pre-empt all possible scenarios. The BuilderStorm application has been developed with this in mind, enabling a seamless integration with your existing systems.

What are Custom Fields?

To provide flexibility, we allow for Custom Fields to be created for each of the features and sections of the application.  This basically means that you can store any information you want based on your business needs. The data is then available to be interrogated, or even exported and shared with other users if required.

Custom Fields can be managed by any user(s) that have been assigned the appropriate permissions or they can be restricted solely to admin users.

More flexibility and functionality

What’s the big deal?

One of the most powerful elements of the BuilderStorm application is that it can be extended and moulded to match any changes that occur within your business. This allows changes to be made by the user without having to wait for extra development – in a straightforward manner and at NO extra cost!

Key features

Create content unique to your company – Provide different ways of using the data

Key benefits

More flexibility – Requires no input or approval from BuilderStorm, create the content you want!

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Managing Metadata – Custom Fields