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Database Importer

Importing existing data through Database Importer

Database Importer is a great tool to import existing data in to the BuilderStorm application in a quick and easy manner.  This is a great feature if you have large amounts of data that it would otherwise be time-consuming to move across. We do provide a Data Migration service if you’re concerned about the amount of time this may take. However Database Importer can import huge amounts of data in minutes. Mappings can be set up to link arbitrary data to save even more time.

How easy is it to use?

Database Importer allows full flexibility regarding the structure of the data being imported by allowing you to map imported data to the reflected structure in the database. This means that you are not restricted or forced to format the data in a set format; it’s completely flexible.

Database Importer has a very user friendly interface and common settings can be saved for later imports to save even more time.

Validation checks

The Database Importer’s Intelligent Validation feature cross-references to ensure that the User or Company does not already exist in the database and cause duplication. Colour-coded warnings are generated indicating if there are any potential conflicts during a dry-run before the import is completed. This also provides you with the reassurance that no data has been lost or corrupted in the process.

Multiple User Creation

Database Importer also doubles up as a mass user and company creation tool. If, at a later stage, you are required to set up lots of new users and companies, there is no need to lose time with lots of form clicking and setup. The multiple user creation allows data to be shared between user accounts, really speeding up the process.

Key features

Quickly import your entire workforce – Validation checks ensure the data is accurate

Key benefits

Makes using BuilderStorm quicker and easier – Reduces the downtime getting set up

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