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Efficient delivery bookings

BuilderStorm’s Deliveries feature will manage your project’s delivery points and allow sub-contractors to book a delivery slot. The delivery slots can be set so as to require approval from your site admin, and restrictions can also be specified – for certain time periods at sensitive locations due to noise, neighbours and local schools. Combined with the Site Access feature, this can give your gateman full control and knowledge over what to expect and when.

Full flexibility managing your deliveries

You can create as many delivery points as required, and set who has the ability to request a slot and who has the ability to approve or deny a booking. Only users with the permission to make bookings will be able to do so, but users who do not have access to a device can request a booking via a project admin. They can then make the booking on their behalf and the system will show everyone else that the slot is booked.

Local Authority compliance

By enabling you to co-ordinate site traffic, the Deliveries feature can help you reduce your impact on your local area. Many projects located in busy city centres are require to provide details on site traffic as part of the planning application. You will be able to demonstrate that you are committed to minimising impact on your surroundings and that you are a pro-active member of the Considerate Constructors Scheme.

Key features

Create unlimited delivery points – Set approval and deny requests – Set time restrictions

Key benefits

Co-ordinates multiple sub-contractors – Reduce impact on local area

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