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Construction Vehicle Management Software

BuilderStorm has developed a fleet manager that allows you to track all of your vehicles in a clear and simple manner. You will never have to worry about when your MOT or Tax is due or when the vehicle should have another service. This is all tracked for you with our vehicle management software. We use a clear traffic light system with green, orange, and red icons to indicate the status of an asset. You can add as many different types of vehicle to your company, either taking advantage of our default library or uploading your own photos and vehicle diagrams to match your current assets.

Notifications can be generated for upcoming or expired assets to ensure that you’re never in a position where an asset is unusable. The bigger your fleet of vehicles the more time you’ll save with this construction monitoring and tracking tool.

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Fleet managment software – track vehicle damage history

Not only can you see when expiry dates are looming you can also track damage to your assets where you can highlight any damage to the vehicle through our highlighting functionality which also creates historic reports to view at a later date.

This provides transparency as to when and how an issue happened and who was responsible. This also helps provide extra data on how your vehicles are being treated over time and any patterns arising from certain employees.

Manage access with checking in and out functionality

Users can be logged against vehicles and checked in and out as frequently as you would like. This is great for knowing where an asset is and who is currently using it. This is broken down into a detailed time periods, providing historical reports of any vehicles use. This is great for saving you time where you would otherwise have to find out where a particular vehicle is by phoning up various sites or individuals.

Construction Mobile Vehicle App

Our Construction Fleet Manager is also mobile-friendly easily allowing users to check in and check out their vehicle on their phone and on the go. Or if you would like, you can assign this responsibility to certain trusted users like site managers or people in the office if you do not want to give everyone the ability to check in and out vehicles. This is the same for the rest of BuilderStorm software where the software can be used in the office/on site on a mobile or desktop device.

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