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Holiday Booking Management

Using a variety of different views, you can effectively manage your workforce around their annual leave, allowing clear visibility of who is going to be off and when, helping to efficiently identify when cover needs to be arranged.

Using the compare features, you can see when users have already booked holiday to allow you to give a decision on other users requests, making approving and rejecting holiday easier than ever before.

Designed to eliminate the use of annual leave forms or holiday spreadsheets, this feature keeps all users Holiday requests, allowances and entitlements in one readily-available place, helping to improve workforce productivity.

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Holiday Groups

These give you the complete flexibility in choosing how many approvers to set for each group on the system, in a quick and easy way.

Users that are assigned as approvers for that holiday group will have full control over the users request within their holiday group. This is extremely useful for companies that have holiday approvers per department.

Using the search functions on the Calendar screen, you can filter the holiday listing by these Holiday Groups to instantly see the necessary data.

Mobile Friendly

The system allows for users to request holiday on the move, with their mobile phone. This enables the Holiday Approvers to view requests when out on site, providing great accessibility and convenience.

General Settings

Using the assortment of settings, you can customise this feature as you would like, to ensure it captures the correct information and works efficiently and in the right way for your company. By setting the amount of days that users are entitled to as holiday and any restrictions that you require when it comes to requesting time off.

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