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Online Construction Induction Software

Say goodbye to laptops and projectors!
Say goodbye to laptops and projectors!
Smoother, quicker inductions
Smoother, quicker inductions
BuilderStorm Inductions
BuilderStorm Inductions

Construction inductions made easy

BuilderStorm’s Inductions system is likely to change the way you do your daily inductions forever and we hope that our approach to construction site inductions will become the standard process for sites right across the UK. Our system is designed to improve the attitude of your project staff with regards to site safety as well as minimise the time your site managers spend going over the ‘same old stuff’ day in, day out.

Induct new employees on & off site

If a new employee or site worker has internet access on their phone, tablet or computer, they can go through the whole induction process without any direction from your site team, saving both time and effort. They can be presented with all your induction material online (whether site-specific or generic) but still have a face to face later to go over any queries they may have. This enables them to go through induction material in their own time and at their own pace.

This drastically speeds up the induction process, ensures data is accurately entered and stored by the user and frees up time previously spent managing this time-consuming process. Checks are made to ensure they have viewed and understood all the material before being inducted and the whole process is completely flexible to meet your specific company requirements.

How our Induction software works

1. Capture user’s details; allow them to enrol and input any information you need such as personal data as well as copies of their CSCS and CPCS cards. This is stored within the system. User accounts can then be created and permission levels set as required.

2. New inductees are then presented with induction made up of your own custom content. This can be in the form of images, files, PowerPoint presentations, text/HTML or even videos. These can be solely project specific if that’s what’s needed but we anticipate this part of the induction to cover all the basics (no smoking, Considerate Constructors Scheme, operating plant without the correct tickets etc). Site specific induction content can then be carried out on site, reducing the time your site staff have to spend carrying out inductions.

We can also produce this content for you: slides, images and even videos produced specifically for your company. Prices on application.

3. Users then have a questionnaire, typically covering the CSCS syllabus. This is completely customisable. Questions and answers can be randomised or taken from a specific group if, for example, there is a “hot topic” you need covered at that time. For example, if you are experiencing a spate of slips, trips and falls on your sites, you can increase the number of questions relating to this category – and demonstrate that you are being responsive to the trend.

4. Inductee management is straight forward and easy. If personal data has been input correctly, and users have passed an assigned questionnaire, you can then approve them for a site specific induction. Users’ data will then be available for your site team to see and complete on site during the site specific induction.

All data is stored securely.

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What happens if I still want to manage inductions on site?

This is fine. You can carry out on site inductions if required. Content can be loaded on a laptop, through a projector or on an iPad or tablet. The tablet view is ideal when your site team are carrying out inductions for smaller audiences and want to avoid the hassle of setting up a laptop and projector. You can scroll through the induction as normal and once it is complete, you can add users and operatives to the BuilderStorm system in one seamless action. As mentioned, you can attach copies of CSCS cards, CPCS or other training certificates in just a few clicks using the camera in the iPad or tablet. These are then added automatically to the user’s profile and training compliance record without any further action required.

Full audit trail on company inductions

BuilderStorm’s Induction feature will log when a user has been inducted and keep a record so it can be referenced as and when needed. You can also specify if the inductee will need access to BuilderStorm and create the account immediately, saving time for your project administrator.  Because details are stored securely online, you will be fully compliant with the Data Protection Act. Only users with the correct permissions will be able to view this data, and because the data is stored digitally, there are no printed sheets that can get lost, copied, stolen or viewed by anyone without the correct permissions.

Time & Motion Study on UK Construction Inductions

Our research* has shown that a typical site carries out inductions on average 4 days a week, with most sites having to perform daily inductions. These inductions can vary from 30 minutes to a full day for more complex and dangerous project environments. The average induction takes around 1 hour.

For a company running 30 projects, inductions might be taking up to 120 hours a week – and this doesn’t include the additional time it takes to gather CSCS and training certs, scan them and file them.

With BuilderStorm’s Induction system, you can focus on carrying out more site specific inductions and reduce the average induction time to around 30 minutes – thus halving the time your team spends on inductions and eliminating the need to collect card details.

*survey of 23 companies within the UK with 683 projects monitored.

Get Induction analytic statistics In real time

You can monitor the performance of your site staff using BuilderStorm stats. You can see how many people have completed the induction, how quickly they completed it and how they performed on the CSCS test. You can view stats on each question, how long it takes on average to be answered, how often people get it wrong and how many people complete the test first time. All this data can be used to fine tune your induction process and get a better understanding of the people on your site and their attitude to different aspects of site safety.

Key features

Add users to BuilderStorm and induct them in one action – Capture CSCS cards and instantly upload to BuilderStorm

Key benefits

Full records on-line, no need for bookcases of printed sheets – Data Protection Act compliant
React to current trends with safety by customising induction content and questionnaires.

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