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Notification Manager

Notifications via text or email

BuilderStorm’s Notification Manager enables you to choose exactly what kind of communication you receive from the application. You have complete control over the types of notification you get –  emails, SMS texts, in-browser notifications or all three. You can also specify which features you wish to get notifications from. For example, you might decide that Snags and RFIs are the most critical – and set these as SMS texts, while limiting notifications from other sections to just a daily email. You can also set time parameters for your notifications; for example, if a RFI expires in 48 hours, you can set up Notification Manager to send you a reminder so you don’t miss the deadline. The system is fully customisable to your preferences.

Key features

Choose how to receive your notifications – Choose how often

Key benefits

Never miss an issue – Get reminders for key items

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Notification manager Overview