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Manage the Procurement process

BuilderStorms Procurements solution will streamline your procurement process from start to finish. From the request for materials on site to delivery, reconciliation and payment. Allowing users to upload the necessary documents throughout the process, giving complete transparency on what was ordered and when, when it was delivered and when the order was reconciled and paid.

Item procurement

The Procurements feature enables your site staff to procure new materials using a request form. They can specify the item, quantity and required the date. The buyer linked to the project will then be notified that a new procurement request has been created and this can then be processed and booked. As long as the supplier is set up on the system with the correct details the order can be sent directly to the supplier once created. The user who ordered the item will receive confirmation of the delivery date via an email, text or an in-browser notification (depending on their settings in Notification Manager).



Crystal clear order status

As each procurement is logged in the BuilderStorm system, valuable data is instantly available to assist in the running of your projects. This includes: the date items were requested, the date they were processed and the expected date on site. This means your team can know exactly what stage a procurement is at, and take the relevant action when required.

Delivery Management

When items are delivered on site. The person responsible will be able to check the order using the system. Any issues can be identified and highlighted within the system with the ability to upload photos of damages or highlighting missing items which can send an email to the buyer who can rectify the issue. Orders that have no issues can be processed seamlessly with the ability to capture the delivery docket on the system so that the order can be reconciled without all the relevant paperwork being sent to head office.

Key features

Item procurement – Call off lists – Subcontract packages

Key benefits

Full order tracking – Keep track of costs – Report Generation

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