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Project Scheduling

In-Browser Project Scheduling

BuilderStorm’s Project Scheduling feature allows your site team to create, discuss and edit project programmes without the need for specialist software or licenses. Many companies spend thousands of pounds every year on subscriptions for products like Microsoft Project. With BuilderStorm the software is included with your subscription cost and the feature can be made available to any user, so you don’t need your staff to download and install anything.

Standard features

Project Scheduling includes all the usual features including critical path schedules and resource allocation which will highlight suggested activities within the Allocations section.

Scheduling reports

The system can reproduce schedules as a PDF file and these can then be added to the Documents Hosting section, uploaded to Cloud Storage or emailed directly to clients and/or local authorities.

Sharing the schedule

Your schedule can be easily shared with anyone linked to the project and they can be given permission to view, edit or comment on it. You can restrict users to only being able to edit certain sections, such as their own work.

Key features

Share with the project team – All the usual Gantt chart features

Key benefits

No need for third party subscriptions – Any user can have the software

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