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Online Quotations tool

BuilderStorm’s cloud-based Quotations tool is perfect for issuing quotes to your client and keeping track of all the paperwork. The quote system can automatically pull in tasks from the project schedule, or you can create new items within the quote. You can add categories and sub-categories to make the quote stand out and offer the client a more transparent view of your charges.

Easy distribution

At BuilderStorm, it is standard is to make the sharing of any document a seamless process. This approach is invaluable for our quoting system where you can set which users will get notified of your quote. We use TO and CC fields to make sure the document goes to the correct people.

Expertly formatted

Clicking ‘send’ will issue the quote to your distribution group. Each will receive the quote as a PDF file with your standard letterhead, all the correct information in the right places and your own custom small print as required.

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