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Online Construction Site Access Software

Effectively monitoring site access is tricky on even the smallest projects and, as projects get larger, the problem becomes even harder. BuilderStorm offers a simple solution. By using BuilderStorm – on a smart phone or tablet computer, you can enable your workforce to log their site entry and exit times.

Tracking Site Access

Using our construction sign in/out software you can easily allow users to sign themselves in via their mobile device, which logs exactly where a user has signed in and out from. This is possible by taking the GPS value from their phone. This will prevent workers claiming that they are on site when they weren’t and also providing some protection against ghost workers. If you don’t want users to sign themselves in and out you can alternatively assign this task to a site manager who can sign in/out multiple users for a project themselves.

Real-time Detailed Logs of Site Access Across the Whole Company

Our log will provide pins for where users have signed and out and keep the data for the duration of the project. The software will even locate the nearest project to that user so you don’t even have to tell the system where they are working as it already knows. This can be used to verify if someone is on site, confirm sub-contract labour numbers and manage roll calls during fire drills.

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Mobile App Site Access Construction Software

BuilderStorm’s Site Access solution is also mobile friendly and extrememly easy to use for all users. Any worker on site can sign in and out with one click on any mobile device. No software is required to be installed and any browser can be used.

Fire drills

BuilderStorm enables you to manage fire drills and roll calls with ease. Clicking the fire drill button will give you a list of all operatives on site with a check button next to their name. As each person is verified – as present or off site, you can tick their name and remove them from the list. This can be performed by multiple site managers at various points of entry and fire muster points around the project; the list will auto update as each manager checks off the workforce.

Further Developments

This solution will also be tieing in with our Construction Timesheet solution so you don’t even need to get the workers to submit their timesheets. More time and money saved! On top of that, stay tuned for a further addition to this tool, which will save even more money and time!
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