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Site Access

Control Site Access online

Effectively monitoring site access is tricky on even the smallest projects and, as projects get larger, the problem becomes even harder. BuilderStorm offer a simple solution. By using BuilderStorm – on a smart phone or tablet computer, you can enable your workforce to log their site entry and exit times.

Using BuilderStorm, you can add new employees and gather data ready for site induction. Existing staff select their name from a project drop down list and sign in. The system can be configured to accept a digital signature – ideal for tablet computers and some smart phones. Alternatively, operatives can verify their identity using their date of birth.

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Accurate live records

BuilderStorm’s Site Access feature will keep live records of who is on site and who is not. This can be viewed in real time by anybody with the correct permission. This can be used to verify if someone is on site, confirm sub-contract labour numbers and manage roll calls during fire drills.

Fire drills

BuilderStorm enables you to manage fire drills and roll calls with ease. Clicking the fire drill button will give you a list of all operatives on site with a check button next to their name. As each person is verified – as present or off site, you can tick their name and remove them from the list. This can be performed by multiple site managers at various points of entry and fire muster points around the project; the list will auto update as each manager checks off the workforce.