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On-line Timesheet Management

Our timesheets section will manage the hours, days and shifts worked by all of your site based and office staff. The system allows you to create a timesheet unique to your company, you can add different days of the week/month and add custom input fields for things that vary in cost such as expenses, fuel allowance or accommodation costs and add items that are fixed costs such as meal allowances etc. You can create as many different time sheets as you need depending on who needs to use them.

Smart System

The timesheet will automatically fill itself out if you use the Allocations section to allocate your workforce to activities during the week. The timesheet will also alert you if a person is being booked in on a given day, but has been left unallocated, this is great for ensuring you don’t miss an allocation or pay someone who was absent. You have full control over which users can see the pay rate data, and who can access the timesheet section.

Company Overview

Our company overview will display all your projects and users in one easy to use page. View the labour spend for last week for each project and the total spend for your company. The company overview can also show you any users that have worked less or more than your usual working week meaning that any incorrect hours will be highlighted and easily fixed before payment processing. You can also forward a pdf copy of the company overview to any email address, which is perfect for notifying a third party payroll processor.

Security And Notifications

The completed timesheets are forwarded to your HR department, who will get a notification to say it has been submitted. They can set the type of notification in their Notification Manager to ensure that no timesheets are missed. All timesheets are stored on the system for audit purposes. The system even allows someone without the permission to view wage details to submit a timesheet. The timesheet section will also calculate a users gross pay if the user has a pay rate set, which makes the payroll process a lot smoother.

Key Features

Self-populating timesheet – Create custom timesheets to suit your company.

Key Benefits

Secure system – protects the users wage info, but still allows hours to be submitted.

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