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Cloud-based Construction Valuation Tracking Software

Our construction valuation tracking software will make your life so much easier by keeping track of all your sub contract valuations. Even smaller projects can quickly build up a number of items that need to be tracked. Keeping an accurate record of these will make sure the cash flow is optimal for your project and that your company is not losing out.

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Seamless Valuation Creation

Creating the valuation is very simple. You can create a valuation manually, direct from the software or you can import a sub contract tender package from our Tender Packages tool. Once the valuation is created, you can add variations and contra-charges which will exist for the life of the document. You can then add notes and attachments to back up an item, variation or contra-charge.

Bespoke Construction Valuation Features

Our construction valuation tool allows you to set a retention amount, which will automatically be deducted from the payment notice that our system will generate. Over a period of time you can release all or a portion of the retention using the slider in the software.

The PDF payment notice will be formatted perfectly, with your livery added directly to the document. Historical records and a full audit trail of the construction valuations will be stored on BuilderStorm as standard.

Construction Valuation Permissions

Our permission system means you can give your site team basic access to the different valuation packages on your projects. This will enable them to adjust progress sliders, add variations and contra-charges to the valuation, and make notes on each item. Your quantity surveyor can then review these changes before submitting a payment notice. All of this can be accessed from the cloud, meaning anyone you give permission will be able to review and process a project valuation no matter where they are.

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