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Pricing Plans

 Pricing Plans


How BuilderStorm Pricing Works

Because no two construction companies are alike and because the features that BuilderStorm offer are modular we base our pricing on how you intend to use the software. You can pick and choose the exact features you need and not pay for the features that you don’t. Pricing is on an annual basis with a small set up fee at the start of your contract which includes all the training and data migration you may need.

There are NO hidden extras. The price we quote, is the price you pay. Period.


Furthermore, we do not charge or limit the number the users on our platform, giving you the flexibilty to add clients, designers and sub-contractors. We want everyone to use our product without having to worry about the cost of additional “licenses” or users. If you are being charged every time you add another user to the system, is it really a collaborative platform?

Competitive Pricing

We take the time to understand your requirements, put a package together that will address each of these needs and a pricing model that will offer significant value over the long term.

How To Get A Quote

Send us a message via the contact form and will send you back a quote. All we need is some basic company information and your contact details. Or set up a scheduled demo, discuss your requirements in detail and we will give you a quote at the end of the demo.

Tailored Solutions

We have a reputation of working with clients to ensure they get the most from the BuilderStorm platform. Most the features we offer today were built with their input. This means our software is designed specifically to work the way you want it to.

Unsure which package would suit you best? Send us a message and  Let’s Have A Chat