BuilderStorm Backups

Backups – we don’t take chances

We don’t skimp on hardware or security. We do not put you at risk, full stop.

Your Data is safe

At BuilderStorm, we take your business and data extremely seriously. Technology and digital storage is key to the BuilderStorm package, which makes it even more important to ensure that all of your data is regularly backed up and secure. The great thing is that we can do this for you. We have regular automated backups stored in separate locations, but there will never be a time when your data is not recoverable due to this process. We also archive all files for a given duration – to ensure that any significant mistakes made by a user or client can be rectified.

You’re in control

Not only do we have automated backups, but BuilderStorm also allows you to take control and make backups by yourself. With our Flexible Backup system, you have complete control and can specify what you want to back up.  For clarity and good communication, we also keep a historical log of all backups made – when, and by whom. These can then be stored on the site or downloaded to a local machine.

We don’t like any surprises

We’ve all lost data at some point in our lives, but that won’t happen to you here at BuilderStorm. We ensure that everything is in place to keep all of your data safe. 

If you have any concerns, please get in touch so we can put your mind at rest.