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Keep all important files in one place

In order for projects to run smoothly, you need seamless communication and access to your most up to date files at all times. Gone are the days of storing all files on your computer, having to upload the drawing you’ve been working on and then emailing everyone involved in the project. BuilderStorm provides unlimited storage and bandwidth for the upload of project files. These files can then be referenced effortlessly, throughout the application, whenever needed.

Accessed from any device

Regardless of whether you use BuilderStorm on your laptop, notebook, tablet or mobile, all your files are accessible and look great on every platform.

Everyone has access to the files

Because all your files are stored in one readily-accessible place, you will never face the issue of some files not being available. Useful information is stored on recent activity (who has accessed), as well as the ability to comment on documents with others to share important information.

Referencing rather than duplicating

An invaluable BuilderStorm feature is the ability to reference any file, photo, drawing, document or email attachment through other records, without having to re-upload the file in question. This saves on file duplication, prevents confusion on which is the most up-to-date file and ensures more efficient use of everyone’s time.


All your files are backed up regularly to prevent any chance of files being lost. You can have full peace of mind that your files are secure. Flexible access levels enable you to prevent access to sensitive information – both per project and per user.