BuilderStorm Customisation

Customisation & Flexibility – so you can work the way you want to

How is BuilderStorm flexible?

There are several elements that are flexible with BuilderStorm:

  • Integrated, intelligently linked system – access anything from anywhere.
  • Custom Fields – so each section can store as much varied information as you require.
  • User Interface – can be expanded or collapsed so you can display what you want.
An integrated and intelligently linked system

This means, for example, that the same information can be accessed from a number of different areas of the site, depending on what you’re viewing. This could be a link or icon in the header or a context sensitive menu, within the content you’re viewing. This also applies to how information is displayed. You may want to modify any given user’s permissions, which you could set within the user’s profile or within the user permission listing, or even within the permission matrix. We don’t overcomplicate things but, instead, provide a variety of view and tool options so you can get your tasks done as efficiently as possible.


Custom fields can be created within each section, allowing you to store any information you wish. We know that no two projects are alike and, for that reason, we’ve endeavoured to allow as much flexibility as possible in the kind of information that you keep and how you use it. If you find that we don’t currently enable certain attributes for a user, company or RFI, that’s not a problem. These can be seamlessly added and edited, so you can get what you need from the software.

This aspect of our software is undergoing rapid development – we’re constantly experimenting with new ideas and processes to make the product even more intuitive and usable.

User interface

We are well aware that you and your workforce may be using multiple devices to access BuilderStorm, so we have developed our software with that in mind. Some nice features that are already available include the ability to expand or collapse the main menu to give you more space and, once you’ve set a preference, ensure this persists throughout the site. If you are mainly using a mobile, take advantage of our bespoke mobile version, which makes using the BuilderStorm on a small device incredibly easy. Listings can be modified to hide or display different information as needed. We are confident that BuilderStorm is a truly responsive design, geared to allow you to get the most out of the application, with whatever platform you’re using.