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BuilderStorm offers free* in house training.
BuilderStorm offers free* in house training.
VOIP Support for BuilderStorm by our support staff
VOIP Support for BuilderStorm by our support staff

BuilderStorm Training

We are confident that our software is pretty user friendly and that most BuilderStorm features will be easy to use straight out the gate. We also recognize however that that won’t always be the case; when our FAQ system is not enough, we offer a wide range of solutions to get your staff up to speed so they can use the software just as well as we do!

BuilderStorm provides free in house training for employees if you sign up for more than 3 years and we offer training at very competitive rates for those on shorter term contracts. This service can either be at your head office or our offices in Brighton, Sussex.

We focus sessions on the specific area the staff member needs or requires – to ensure they get the most out of the software.

We also offer on site training to get remote teams up to speed quickly. To request details and prices for this service, please contact us.

We can also schedule online real time training with one of our team using VOIP services like Skype. This is ideal when you need to train a large number of employees who are located on different projects. This will also lower the downtime required to get your workforce fully trained and up to speed; our costs are both reasonable and competitive. Do contact us for more details and pricing.

Please note that we can also add a live support chat option to your package for a very low monthly cost. Any staff member with an issue can then launch the chat and resolve their issue with one of our highly trained team. Any issues raised will also be automatically added to the software FAQ (if they don’t already exist) so other members of your team can quickly resolve any future occurrences of this problem.