BuilderStorm Training

Training – we’re here to get your whole company up and running

We are confident that our software is very user-friendly and that most BuilderStorm features will be easy to use as soon as you’re live. We also recognise however that this won’t always be the case; when our FAQ system is not enough, we offer a wide range of solutions to get your staff up to speed so they can use the software just as well as we do!

BuilderStorm offers online training for your employees at very competitive rates at a time that is a convenient time for you.

We tailor sessions to the specific areas of the platform the staff member/s require, to ensure they get the most out of the software.

To request details and prices for this service, please contact us.

We can also schedule online `online real-time training with one of our team using screen share. This can ideal when you need to train a large number of employees who are located on different projects or offices. This will also lower the downtime required to get your workforce fully trained and up to speed; our costs are both reasonable and competitive. Do contact us for more details and pricing.