Anderson Group
Who are Anderson Group?

logo anderson GroupFounded by Mark Anderson in 1987, The Anderson Group now employs 400 people and has a planning consented land bank in excess of 1,000 plots which means the business will grow substantially in coming years fed by further strategic sites. Anderson Group is a family business, but also a professional one. They pride themselves on offering the highest level of service to every client and investing in the professional and personal development of all team members. 

What is the BuilderStorm solution?

Anderson had three core requirements when they approached BuilderStorm. Firstly, they wanted timesheet recording and submission for construction personnel across several sites. They had previously used an on-premise solution that no longer met their requirements. Secondly, they wanted to upgrade from their time-consuming process for tracking and storing progress photos. Finally, they wanted more visibility over the work completed daily for each project. Their previous solution was also on-premise and no longer provided the collaborative solution the Group required. 

How we helped Anderson Group?

Our cloud-based timesheet solution allows Anderson Group to submit timesheets from the site managers smartphone for all the people under their control. This is then sent digitally to the payroll team to double-check the hours before approving them. This data is exported to a CSV file for importing straight into Anderson Group’s Sage payroll package. BuilderStorm offers an excellent photo storage system for construction companies. We allow users to create galleries and upload photos to the system directly from a mobile device.  Comments, notes and other items can be added using our metadata system. The software will even hard code a timestamp and long/lat value directly onto the image. Anderson can then search photos in any project, any gallery for any date range. Anderson also uses our daily diary feature. Anyone on the project with daily diary permission can create one, add photos from the photo gallery, attachments and any other data via the metadata tool. It will even track the weather automatically, using a MET office API tool. This has given the contracts managers real-time updates on the project’s activity, as well as providing a concise record, stored securely in the BuilderStorm system.

Why Anderson Group chose BuilderStorm?

BuilderStorm have a reputation for working closely with our clients, and Anderson Group is no different. We tweaked the features to get them working exactly how Anderson needed them. We took their feedback and improved the product, therefore improving the service for all our clients. We also developed a unique feature that imports/exports data from Asta Power Project via an API for the many site-based diaries, this was a key point for real-time information on-site progress. Anderson Group is now taking on board other features from the BuilderStorm platform to further benefit productivity. Having had other cloud-based software providers demonstrate their offerings, Anderson chose BuilderStorm over the competitors for our clear, concise interface, feature range and no limits on the number of users and projects. We are pleased to have signed Anderson on a 3-year subscription, which they are looking to renew in the near future.

Leigh Cummings – Anderson Group IT Manager

“BuilderStorm really have gone the extra mile to offer a first-class solution that is exactly what the Anderson Group needed. I am pleased to say that they have consistently delivered excellent support, training and knowledge of our business and the construction industry on the whole. The return on investment was almost immediate and we continually see the value the system offers on a daily basis. I would encourage other construction companies to embrace technology and see what it can do for you and your business”