Document Management and Hosting
unlimited document hosting with access levels, categories to control access, pages load instantly with no time wasted
Easy Document Filing

Project management documentation is critical to the success of a construction project. You need a documentation system that allows for quick and easy document filing, like BuilderStorm.

Signing Live Documents

The revolutionary Document Hosting system from BuilderStorm allows users to sign a document using a mobile or iPad stylus digitally. It is incredibly useful to get operators to sign up for details of processes, risk assessments and toolbox conversations.

Check out a short demonstration of how it works

Watch a short 3-minute demonstration of how our Document Hosting feature looks and operates.

But wait, there’s a whole lot more


Reports can be generated to provide daily summaries or emails whenever a Project Document is created, so you’re always in the loop.


Like most features within BuilderStorm, the Project Documents feature is mobile friendly and can be used on all smart phones on the go.

Signing live documents

Our unique Document Hosting system allows your users to digitally sign a document, using a stylus on tablets or iPads. This is incredibly useful for getting operatives signed up to method statements, risk assessments and tool box talks. The document can then be opened and viewed on the device for a presentation to a group, or passed around on site for small briefings. Users can then sign up to the document in another screen. A record of the signature is kept on the user’s profile page and can be viewed within our Training Compliance section. This will give an overview of which sites are implementing weekly tool box talks and getting the staff signed up to key documents.

Secure sensitive information

By using our category system, you can ensure that your important documents remain private. By setting the access level of a given category, you can fully control who can view it, using the permission groups. Once a category has been created, you can assign the permission groups that you want to have access to see the documents that have been uploaded to that category. This is extremely useful for limiting any given access to documents within a project. At BuilderStorm, we suggest that you create permission groups with this in mind.