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BuilderStorm’s Photo Gallery section allows your site team to upload images relating to the project and add comments in the chat log for each image. This is useful for discussing site issues, samples and work progress. You can upload photos on your smart phone, or drag and drop from your desktop PC. The Photo Gallery feature includes full search capabilities making it easy to find the image you need. Images can be grouped together with a title if they are for a particular area or issue, and whole groups can be shared with anyone on the project using the share button.

The photos are Project specific which makes them easy to find when looking for a particular set of photos. We also support the use of tags and custom metadata allowing you to store as much information as you would like at no extra cost. Photos can be downloaded as a zip file in case you need to download a local copy or shared within other users on the system.

Mobile BuilderStorm - Construction Photo Gallery

Log longitude and latitude of your photos

Another great feature is that we can automatically capture the longitude and latitude of where the picture has been taken when uploaded to BuilderStorm. These values can be stamped to the photograph for future reference or left off. This is great for audit purposes when every picture you have taken is stored and never deleted, which can be accessed at any time if the need arises.

Construction Mobile Photo App

The photo gallery can be used on all smart phones and is great for taking pictures on the go without having to download them from your camera to your computer and then onto the application. There is no limit on the size of the files that you are uploading, but we obviously will not allow for any illegal material to be uploaded and stored on the BuilderStorm platform.

Key features

Drag & Drop – Comment & tag system – Share the images with the project team

Key benefits

Images are timestamped for verification – store long & lat of photos – Can be used for progress monitoring

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