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Company Management

Company Management

BuilderStorm’s Company Management feature allows you to create an unlimited number of companies on the system and invite them to collaborate on the platform for all the projects they are assigned to.  You can add clients, designers, sub contractors and suppliers to the platform, each having unique metrics they can be measured on; clients on the projects they are assigned to, designers by the drawings they issue or RFIs they answered. etc. The whole feature operates as a company database, keeping all the information related to that company in one place. You can add all of the companies relevant insurances – Professional Indemnity, Public Liability and Employers Liability and get notifications when they are due to expire. You can also assign each company a status, which will help filter them later for Tender Packages, using the status as an internal rating system. This makes keeping track of all of your approved sub-contractors so much easier. 

Intelligent Permission System

Being able to invite external companies to the platform may seem a daunting concept at first, but rest assured, we have made this as pain free as possible.

Firstly, you can invite any number of external company to collaborate on the system and there are no extra fees for doing so; a true collaborative platform should not charge extra for adding more users.

Secondly, any external company user will have very strict permissions, never having access to any sensitive company information. But also restricted views within the various features. For example, one sub contractor within RFIs can only see the content that relates to their company, they can never see any queries that are created by other parties (unless they are within the distribution), giving you confidence that one companies queries will not create follow up queries from another. Each company can be added and removed from a project with the click of a button, so as one company completes a project and another starts, the process is as simple as possible.


Company Enrolment

Historically, getting new companies fully compliant with all the relevant paperwork, method statements and risk assessments before they could even start work was a mammoth task, sometimes delaying the start date of a project, thankfully, we have a solution which will make this problem a thing of the past.

Using the BuilderStorm company enrolment feature, you can create content that needs to be viewed before any company starts to work with your company. This could include the procedures or pre-start documents you have in place that need to be adhered to or could be specific to projects for documents such as method statements and risk assessments.

You can create a custom questionnaire that the company will be able to complete once the pre-start content has been viewed. Using a number of different question types you will be able to fully capture the information you need from the company before they are enrolled onto the BuilderStorm platform. This information is then sent to the relevant person within your company for their review, from there you can either approve the company or ask for more information. 

Key Features

Categorised Companies – Section content references (Quotes/ Invoices/ RFI’s/ Snag lists/ Procurements) – Defining Company Statuses