Company Management
Keep all information related to a company in one place and track all your approved sub-contractors.
Operates as a company database

Clients, designers, sub-contractors and suppliers can all be added to the platform, each having unique metrics to be measured on; clients on the projects they are assigned, designers by the drawings they issue or RFIs they answered, etc. The whole feature operates as a company database, keeping all of the information related to that company in one place.

Add all Company details at once

You can invite any number of external companies to collaborate on the system with no extra fees. Add companies relevant insurance and receive notifications when they are due to expire.

Intelligent Permission System

Any external company user will have strict permissions meaning they never have access to sensitive company information and can be added and removed from projects at any time.

Company Enrolment

Getting new companies fully compliant with all relevant paperwork, method statements and risk assessments can be a mammoth task. Thankfully our company management feature takes care of this for you. Create content that needs to be viewed before any company starts work.

Check out a short demonstration of how it works

Watch a short demonstration of how the Company Management feature looks and works.