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Manage all your construction projects

BuilderStorm’s Project Management feature is where all your projects are created. You can use this section to set the project location (which is vital for Diary Management weather capture), set up mail access and assign users and companies that you have created in the User Management section.

Assigning users

Once users are assigned to a project, they are then able to interact with that project and other users. Their permissions will determine what they are able to do, and the permissions for a user can vary from one project to another. Once a user has been added to a project, you can select that user from the header at the top of the window, and this will automatically filter the content below to just that project. This is extremely useful for contracts managers, and people who manage a large number of different projects. Adding someone to a project takes less than a minute and navigating between projects is instant.

Mail Server

The system also offers the ability to set up a project email address, such as By doing this, and copying in the account to any emails, the system will capture the email and display it within the Mailbox section. This is useful for when you want to be able to see all the emails relating to a job, but not clutter up your own email inbox. It can also be used long after the project has been completed to archive emails for use during a retention period or for supplying the client or end user with useful information.

Key features

Unlimited projects – Mail server – Assign users

Key benefits

Manage all your projects easily – Integrates with all the other sections

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