Construction Interactive Drawings
manage and design contracts, our in-browser mark-up section makes it easy to create and share live documents
Easy to use mark up tools

The unique Interactive Drawings feature of BuilderStorm can change the way you handle your contracts for design and building and complete your plans.

How Interactive Drawings are created and customised​​

Just add a PDF drawing you want to mark up to the application’s Interactive Drawings section. Then use the tools provided to write comments, changes and as-built information over the drawings.

Create, comment and share with your team in real time

Have a live conversation with your team and attach documents for audit purposes

Quarantine your drawings

You can easily quarantine your drawings with a single click. If you have any drawings that need further reviews, you can safely keep them in one place.

Check out a short demonstration of how it works

Watch a short 3-minute demonstration on how our Interactive Drawings feature looks and operates.

But wait, there’s a whole lot more


Reports can be generated to provide daily summaries or emails whenever an Interactive Drawing is created, so you’re always in the loop.


Like most features within BuilderStorm, the Interactive Drawings feature is mobile friendly and can be used on all smart phones on the go.

Construction Interactive Drawings with markup

BuilderStorm’s unique Interactive Drawings feature will change the way you currently manage your design & building contracts and complete your as-built drawings. Our easy to use, in-browser mark-up section makes it extremely easy to create and share live documents.

How Interactive Drawings are created and customised

The concept is simple: simply upload a PDF drawing that you wish to mark up to the Interactive Drawings section of the application. You can then use the tools provided to literally write over the drawings with comments, changes and as-built information. The document can become a live drawing used from the start of the project, right up until you pull off site. It is ideal for traffic management plans, where the layout and available space on your project will vary depending on the current build phase. For example, you can sketch out the traffic management plan in your browser, get feedback from your team and issue it to all the sub-contractors on site so that everyone involved has the latest version. Combine this with our Document Hosting feature, and store the drawings in a dedicated “traffic management plan” folder. You can then use our Activity Manager feature to verify who has viewed the document.

Example usage

The possibilities are endless – fire plans, as-built records, on-site sketches, enabling works, construction site set up and much more. You can even pin other files and documents to the drawing for the users to view. For example, use the Interactive Drawings feature for a foundation on your as-built drawings, attach your concrete delivery tickets to the live drawing in the location they were placed.

iPad friendly

Our Interactive Drawings feature is available on multiple devices and works especially well on iPads. There are obviously innumerable benefits to being able to add notes or mark-ups to a drawing in real time, whilst you’re discussing the issues with your client and/or your team on site.

Key features

Works with any PDF drawings, including ones from the documents section – Easy to use mark up tools

Key benefits

Create, comment and share with your team in real time – Attach documents for audit purposes