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Diary Management Software

Diary Management Software – no more paper diaries

BuilderStorm’s Diary Management Software feature will allow you to electronically record all a given day’s activities in great detail. The daily diary can accept attachments, such as method statements, instructions and site issued sketches. It will also automatically capture the day’s weather at regular intervals based on your location; this is good for recording inclement weather that might affect the productivity of your project. Custom Fields can be created to store other data that will help with audits and later interrogation, for example, “total labour” and “site visitors” could be stored in their own boxes.

How are the daily diary entries accessed and shared?

Anyone linked to the project with permission to view your daily diary will be able to see the information as soon as it is saved. This makes it very quick and easy to backtrack to certain key dates in order to confirm information. Users can do this by searching for keywords or by clicking through the dates to view each day’s entry. It also means that key people who cannot visit a site for logistical reasons can still be kept up to date with the day to day running of your project.

The diary system uses a colour-coded date ribbon, showing at a glance which entries are completed and which are missing. When your office staff visit a site, they can make the best use of time spent out in the field as they will already have an understanding of recent activities.

Simple and flexible Diary Management Software

You can also easily identify, on a day by day basis, any user who hasn’t submitted diary entries. If required, a notification can be sent automatically to remind them to complete their entry. This keeps everyone up to date on the project’s status and prevents all diary entries being written at the end of the week which can lead to key information being missed out.

Accountable records when you need them

Our export option allows a whole day to be saved as a PDF including all attachments. This is ideal for submissions to other companies when issuing a claim for day work, delays or defects. The diary is kept even after the project has long been finished; unlike a traditional diary, it cannot be lost or taken to the next project, so you will always be able to look back at activities for any given day.

Mobile Friendly Interface

The whole diary section is optimised for mobile viewing and updating. Images can be added directly from a user’s smartphone or tablet. Instead of scanning a site instruction, users can capture a high-resolution image with the inbuilt camera and upload it with their diary submission in one seamless action.

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Key features

Accepts attachments – Automatically records weather – Custom form fields – flexible Diary Management Software

Key benefits

Improves communication – Fully auditable – Data is never lost

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