Who are Purcell?

Purcell are a leading Irish building contractor. Operating from our offices in Galway and Dublin, we are committed to the highest standards of safety, quality and sustainability. We have earned a reputation for delivering outstanding quality projects which meet and exceed client expectations. Our company was founded on openness, integrity and trust. This has resulted in long-term relationships with our Client’s and supply chain, demonstrated in the amount of repeat business we do.

What is the BuilderStorm solution?

We recognised that access to real-time accurate project information is one of the key requirements in the modern age of construction. We also recognised the inefficiencies in use of resources and information, often from disparate and remote locations, and duplication of tasks that accompanies these silo type operations.  We were keen to obtain a suitable Construction Management System that would be hugely beneficial in streamlining access to a single source of shared information and automating what were previously labour-intensive processes, such as RFI management, drawing control and coordination, submittals etc.

Collaboration amongst all project stakeholders was also one of our key drivers and we were looking for a suitable CDE to provide us with a suitable platform and system, to successfully manage information flow and to make collaboration as streamlined, user-friendly and accessible as possible.  Following an intensive review of various offerings from different companies, we selected BuilderStorm as the most suitable supplier of solutions to our key requirements.

How BuilderStorm helped Purcell

Builderstorm’s in-built Project Drawings and BIM Drawings modules allow all project-specific drawings and specifications to be uploaded and viewed and guarantee that all parties have access to all relevant project information once it has been issued.  Its revision control function makes it very user friendly to ensure that all parties are working off the latest drawing revision. The RFI module allows easy, controlled, and managed coordination of the overall RFI process. An RFI can be easily created from PC, Tablet or Mobile and is automatically emailed to the responsible party for review and the RFI register automatically records all pertinent information, including the capture of responses and comments, even from responding parties’ email. A system of colour-coded locks give a clear indication of the status of all RFI’s, when they were answered and when they need attention. The Submittals module allows us to apply automated workflows to control the issue, response and coordination of all submittals through to Status A approval. Other modules, such as Inductions and Daily Diaries further enhance the functionality of the system and greatly enhance the efficiencies on site.

Why did Purcell choose BuilderStorm?

Purcell selected Builderstorm because we felt that it was the best all-rounder in addressing our key requirements. Its cloud-based nature removed a lot of roadblocks for controlled access and made it easily accessible for all our staff and project stakeholders. Its system of registering companies and users and simple method of allocating them to relevant projects meant that it was very easy for us to control access and afford suitable permission levels to different companies. The automation that came with the RFI and Submittal processes greatly reduced the human effort in transacting an RFI or Submittal manually, outside of a system like this.

Overarching all this, was the fact that the system is very easy to learn and is highly intuitive and user friendly. We found this to be critically important, not just for the benefit of our own staff but also to drive the engagement of our guest users in Design Teams and Specialists. It was crucial in these cases, that they would not have to spend weeks and months trying to get familiar with our system and at the same time, having to learn another contractor’s system on another project. We are delighted with the feedback that we have gotten from our own staff and the positive sentiment and engagement that we have received from 3rd party users.