Hague Construction
Who are Hague Construction

Established in 2001, Hague is a multi-disciplined construction company based in Rochester, Kent. They operate throughout the South East undertaking projects in both the Public and Private industrial, commercial, education, port and housing sectors. Their business model encourages long term customer and supply chain relationships coupled with a motivated, competent workforce that provides the ability to offer practical construction solutions incorporating achievable and safe programmes that they can control and deliver on time and on budget.

Hague Construction and BuilderStorm Construction Software
What is the BuilderStorm solution?

Hague were very keen to find a solution where they could have all their digital documents in one place. Users need to track documents daily and through BuilderStorm’s collaborative platform this is easily achieved. Clients and suppliers can all use the software to enable everyone to have that end to end sight on a project. Hague found the software easy to use and BuilderStorm spent time out on-site understanding what it’s like for an end-user. They needed all timesheets to be digitised to ensure these were filled in accurately, on time and could be exported onto the staff tool, this was something their existing process was unable to do.

How BuilderStorm helped Hague Construction

After their initial call with BuilderStorm Hague could see the software would provide the features they needed support with. To ensure everyone was confident on the system, BuilderStorm carried out a day of training on-site, this meant in a short amount of time the team were ready to use the software. At the touch of a button, users had their documents online with access from any device.

Why did Hague Construction choose BuilderStorm

Hague had spent a considerable amount of time researching software that would enable them to access any documents online to ensure better audit trails. Before BuilderStorm they had the use of other systems in the market, which were complicated and caused concerns due to the usability of the system. Hague needed a system that was easy for the operatives to use and provided notifications for changes or completion of documents.

Danielle Hague - CEO

“The development within the system shows great construction knowledge and forward-thinking innovation to assist in the ever-changing construction world. The support during COVID has been exceptional.”