Concept Bespoke
Who are Concept Bespoke

The company was founded in 2005 by brothers Omar and Dafydd Gomez Evans, who recognised the need for a construction company focused on providing personalised services. In 2006 Concept was involved with the iconic Wembley stadium and East London regeneration projects, which cemented them as a significant player in the construction industry. In 2008 they formed a long-term partnership with the prestigious luxury interiors company Candy & Candy which helped to expand the company rapidly.

What is the BuilderStorm solution?

Concept Bespoke were looking for an all-in-one solution that would manage the entire project life-cycle. It also needed to be the daily login for not only the site-based project team, but also the head office and support staff who can monitor the project progress in real-time. Concept had previously attempted to implement another solution that relied on an on-site premises’ server, which became incredibly difficult to manage. Having already used separate pieces of software for controlling the various aspects of running their business, they soon realised that there was a lot of lost efficiency. All the different applications had different hardware requirements, multiple login accounts, various pricing structures and a lack of integration with each other.

How we helped Concept Bespoke

After the initial meeting, BuilderStorm set up several workshops to identify the most prominent and quickest wins that our software could solve, and helped Concept bespoke get them rolled out to all the new projects. From there, we also identified how our software could be adapted to make life easier. 

Why Concept Bespoke chose BuilderStorm

Concept Bespoke spent considerable time researching the construction software space and quickly identified BuilderStorm as the best solution to provide a truly all in one system for managing every aspect of their projects. BuilderStorm’s willingness to adapt the software and work with Concept Bespoke was a huge deciding factor. Other vendors were either no longer developing their product, or wanted excessive fees for making any changes. Because BuilderStorm understands the construction industry, the team at Concept Bespoke had total faith in the ability to develop and deliver a system that is not only easy to use but on point and relevant to the way they work. BuilderStorm is very proud of our relationship with Concept Bespoke and delighted that they agreed to a three-year subscription, sharing our vision, and the relationship continues to grow.

Dafydd Gomaz Evans – Director

“BuilderStorm have been very proactive in addressing all of our requirements. Every time we saw an opportunity to gain something from the software, they have been on hand to either train us or adapt the software to work exactly how we require it. It was clear other software suppliers do not offer this service. Now we have a system that works for our entire team, with everything in one place. Ultimately this allows us to offer a first class service for our clients and demonstrate that Concept Bespoke is at the cutting edge of the construction spectrum.”