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Ensuring The Highest Standard Of Drawings and Documents:

The submittals section allows you to create a Quality Control flow that ensures all files are of the correct standard before issuing live for other users to view and work on.

This provides everyone with complete confidence that the drawing or document that is live on the system, has been reviewed and approved to ensure that no errors or mistakes have been made throughout the process of creating these files.

Managing your flow:

It has been designed to be as dynamic and flexible as it needs to be to adapt to how you currently work as a business, in relation to reviewing and authorising files.

With the use of different stages and decisions, these files can be directed to the user that needs to review and approve these files at the click of a button.



Reviewing Files:

Users that have been assigned to the roles of reviewing these files will have multiple options to help assist with the process:

– Users will be able to Mark up drawings using text, predefined shapes and penciling free text and shapes.

All users that are assigned to review files will be assigned a colour that will be used to identify which person added the content when marking up.

– Ability to comment on a drawing thread.

The comments will be visible within the thread showing which user has added the comment along with a time and date stamp of when it was added.

– Ability to upload attachments to a drawing.

This can be uploaded from the user’s computer or if already on the system added from BuilderStorm.



With the use of the permission system and the assigning of users as users responsible or reviewers, this allows you to keep the information on a need to know basis while these files are going through the reviewing process, and only once the drawings are issued to the relevant sections will be available for other users to view.

Key Features

Accepts all file types – Confidential Information – Dynamic flows – customisable decisions – Bulk Upload