Tender Packages Management
Create your package, set the deadline, the award date and attach the tender documents directly from the BuilderStorm system giving you total control. Itemised bill or a lump sum? The choice is yours.
Clear and concise Tender Packages system

You can add a list of subcontractors you would like to bid for the job directly from a corporate management interface.

Sub-contractors don’t need a BuilderStorm account

An email with a unique URL will be sent to each subcontractor, where they can submit their price, view the tender drawings and see the quants bill. Extra features of the system include a ‘best price’ filter, showing you all of the best prices submitted for each item in the bill of quantities and the ability to compare contractors on one screen.

Share the images with the project team

Photos can be downloaded as a zip file if you need to download another copy, or you can share with other users on the system.



Reports can be generated to provide daily summaries or emails whenever a Tender Package is created, so you’re always in the loop.


Like most features within BuilderStorm, the Tender Packages feature is mobile friendly and can be used on all smart phones on the go.

Export to PDF/CSV

All Tender Packages can be exported to a PDF/CSV as a detailed or summarised report. This is great for sharing your Tender Packages with other members of the project, who may not have direct access to the system.