What is COBie?

COBie is an international standard for building data exchange. Its most common use is in product data handover from construction to operations. The COBie specifications and guidelines capture industry knowledge and best practices.


How to avoid delays during construction projects

Construction projects are often subject to all manner of unpredictable speed bumps and delays. Ask anyone in the industry and they’ll tell you a story about when a project was met with delay due to something unforeseeable or something completely preventable.


How to use excel in construction

Excel/spreadsheets are one of the most used formats for tracking things including; logging expenditure, employee work hours, data analysis, accounting and data storage. Even the Military use this format to keep track of supplies.


How construction software is challenging the industry

Construction and technology have always been a bit of a challenge. Construction is complicated with so many variables and interested parties; it’s no wonder it’s at the back of the queue with industries adopting the technology.