Drawing Hosting quick and easy!
make sure that your design teams are working with the latest information, tracking and sharing features are all provided as standard
Maintain all of your revisions

The Drawing Hosting feature of BuilderStorm can allow DWG and PDF files, and anyone authorized to upload a drawing will link data to the system.

More flexibility and functionality

You may build your status and categories to help filter the drawing list allowing you to quickly and easily locate the one you’re searching too.

Fast and easy to upload multiple drawings

With one single click, you can upload all of your drawings into one place. It’s very easy to set categories, status, tags and more.

Check out a short demonstration of how it works

Watch a short 3 minute demonstration on how our Drawing Hosting system looks and operates.

But wait, there’s a whole lot more


Reports can be generated to provide daily summaries or emails whenever a Project Drawing is created or uploaded, so you’re always in the loop.


Like most features within BuilderStorm, the Project Drawings feature is mobile friendly and can be used on all smart phones on the go.

Drawing hosting which is quick and easy!

BuilderStorm’s Drawing Hosting feature ensures that your design and site teams are working with the latest information – the simplicity of the system means that your users will pick it up very quickly.

  • Drawings can be downloaded in a matter of two clicks after logging in to the system
  • Page load times are instant
  • Bulk downloads available
  • Commenting, tracking and sharing features are all provided as standard
Maintain all of your revisions

BuilderStorm’s Drawing Hosting feature will accept DWG and PDF files and anyone with permission to upload a drawing can add files to the system. As a drawing is updated, new files can be added which then revise the current issue. Older revisions are kept for historical and auditing purposes and can be found by clicking the green + button on the right of each row.

More flexibility and functionality

You can create your own statuses and categories that help filter the list of drawings, which allows you to find the one you are looking for quickly and easily. Once you have found the drawings you would like to view, you can bulk download them in one click in a single zip file, or download a specific drawing, in either DWG or PDF format, all with one click of a button. Our Drawing Hosting feature also allows you to track any changes to drawings, so you’re always kept up to date with modifications. Comments can also be made and shared with all members of the project. There is a lot more functionality, which you can take advantage of as standard.

Key features

Accepts DWG & PDF files – Keeps superseded drawings with the original – One click downloads

Key benefits

Simplistic design – Bulk download – Custom statuses & categories