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Creating Bespoke Construction Forms

This is a game changer. Our Digital Documents feature will totally change the way you do business. Designed to replace the need for paperwork altogether it will eliminate printers, ring binders gathering dust on the shelf and endless paper trails.

Instead, it will allow you to create digital versions of your standard forms which are now edited and accessed online via any internet enabled device. This means your site team can create permits and inspections out in the field on a mobile device, collect signatures and photos and then save the form, creating a formatted PDF in the either our Project Documents or Company Documents features.

Seamless Template Creation

Our template editor is a simple use system, where you can create your form with a variety of different fields, making sure our digital version includes all the required fields and captures all the same data. We can even work with you to help create these templates, migrate your existing paperwork or provide you with a library of our ‘off the shelf’ templates.

Mobile Friendly

The system allows for users to create these documents on the move, on site with their mobile phone. This gets rid of any unnecessary paperwork and allows information to be shared instantly between selected users.

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