Training Tracker
Create custom categories such as CSCS cards or plant tickets, enabling you to manage training requests & much more.
Manage your workforce and their training

Satisfy and standardise all of your compliant training needs
without sacrificing your valuable time and money.

Customise your construction compliance courses

Set the courses you want to manage, how compliant you want to be and tell the system when to notify you. By creating custom courses and targets for training, you know your team is up to standard.

Track all training of a user into one place

You can add courses to your user’s accounts, along with the expiry date and a scan of the certificate. The user responsible for training will receive a notification when certificates are nearing expiry dates so tests can be re-booked. Certifications received outside of the BuilderStorm software can also be added.

Check out a short demonstration of how it works

Watch a short demonstration on how our Training Tracker feature looks and operates.


Like most features within BuilderStorm, our Training Tracker feature is mobile friendly and can be used on all smart phones on the go.

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Export to PDF/CSV

The Information uploaded to our Training Tracker feature can be exported to a PDF/CSV as a detailed or summarised report. This is great for sharing with other members of the project, who may not have direct access to the system.