One Solution For All Your Construction Software Needs

We have an extensive list of features designed to take care of every aspect of the day to day running of your business as well as providing an invaluable and comprehensive overview. We already have over 30 different features fully integrated within the system and even more to come. BuilderStorm is modular so clients are able to handpick the features they need. Do check below to see which BuilderStorm features would benefit your business.


Company Documents

Unlimited storage for all your company project files with easy access for all users; facility to manage access and permissions.


Company Management

Manage all your contacts within BuilderStorm to be seamlessly integrated with the full suite of our tools.


Daily Diary Management

Diary Management Software feature allows you to electronically record any given day’s activities in great detail.


Digital Documents

Replace all your paper forms with a flexible digital form creator that can pull in data from BuilderStorm, take signatures, whilst tracking everything digitally.


Documents & Collaboration

Store all your company documents, from method statements & risk assessments to training certs & tool box talks; facility to sign documents.


Drawing Hosting

Store all your project drawings online in our secure, powerful and easy to use cloud storage facility.



A unique in-browser induction system; capture CSCS cards and add users to BuilderStorm in one go. Secure storage of all personal data.


Interactive Drawings

Communicate, annotate and update drawings in real time with multiple collaborators across your entire project team. Ideal for as-builts and working drawings.


Holiday Booking

Manage the companies complete holiday schedule with clear visiblity on cover and availabilty with construction in mind.


Photo Gallery
Upload, store and discuss site photos. Create project folders to group photos together; ideal for as-builts or progress photos.


Project Documents

Store all your project specific documents, from RAMS (method statements & risk assessments) to training certs & tool box talks; facility to sign documents.


Project Management

Create unlimited number of projects, assign users and manage all from within single system. Allows users to be added to multiple projects, ideal for office staff.

BuilderStorm RFI


Easily facilitate RFI queries between different project members, with notifications and responses generated and recorded for audit purposes.


Snag List

Excellent snagging software, with live updates, facility to attach pictures and documents. Uses a colour coded padlock system for instant overview of each project.



Create a Quality Control flow ensuring all files are the correct standard before being issued live.


Tender Packages

Generate “Tender packages” for sub-contractors to bid on; allow multiple access for team members to discuss and amend.



Manage your workforce pay schedule with online submission of timesheets direct to the payroll department. Create unique timesheets for your company and/or specific projects.


Training Tracker

Track and manage workforce training; keep online copies of certification, set targets and receive real time notifications of expiry.


User Management

Facility to add unlimited number of users, and set access rights in line with individual training/system experience. Full control of sensitive documents.