Working more collaboratively to address the skills shortage


The skills shortage has recently hit its worst recorded level and is predicted to worsen with the recruitment of new talent failing to keep up with the rate of retirement. Trade numbers are reducing and the demand for digital skills increasing faster than training and recruiting is keeping up.

With half a million people due to retire from the construction workforce over the next 10 years and the threat of losing existing workers due to the impact of Brexit, the industry needs to work harder and smarter to attract new talent to our diverse and dynamic industry, to encourage a pool of workers that are currently  as well as retain young people, whose careers are in their infancy, by ensuring it remains an attractive market in which to progress.

The Chartered Institute of Building reports that 160,000 new recruits are needed by 2023 to keep up with current demand for roles within the industry.



We must also keep up the pressure on finding solutions to improve gender disparity – women still only account for 14% of the workforce.

Encouraging more women to speak up about their positive experiences, and share their knowledge about the industry will go a long way to changing perceptions and positioning the sector as a rewarding one in which to pursue a career. Dipping into a huge pool of talent the construction industry is in dire need of.

Not to be PC, not to hit a % required diversity target, not to be a marketing tactic;, but to just be ‘normal’.

As outlined in our presentation at Digital Construction Week, there are several things we can be doing as an industry and as individuals and organisations:

  • CITB Apprenticeship Levy of 3 million across the industry by 2020
  • Engage with schools and colleges
  • Partnerships with professional bodies and charities (did you know there are 50+ industry bodies in AEC alone?!)
  • GCSE or further vocational qualifications from schools upwards
  • A single overarching governing body for construction skills training
  • Collaboration over fragmentation
  • Break down the perceptions (long-term)
  • Increase diversity #notjustforboys
  • SHARE!
Builderstorm-Smiling female construction worker in safety gear on grey backgr

At BuilderStorm, we want to see the sector thrive, with more women and young people recognising the wealth of opportunities that the construction industry has to offer.

At BuilderStorm, the importance of being an ambassador for women in construction is paramount, with a view to help drive a change of that being a ‘normality’ within the industry, running a campaign to help facilitate how to do that collaboratively between industry and education, industry bodies and individuals; linking efforts together and connecting people.

Calling all women to share your experience

We know from our conversations with women in the industry that sharing the story of your personal journey can be hugely inspirational and informative for others so we invite you to let us know about your experience by responding to a brief questionnaire we’ve created. Your input will help us create engaging and educative content, which we’d like to share on our website to encourage conversations and collaboration and of course we’d urge you to share it with your networks too.

Please let us know your email address and we’ll send you over the questionnaire.

Builderstorm-Tackling the Construction Skills Shortage Presentation

Collaboration between industry, education and individuals

We’d like to get people from across the industry talking, knowledge sharing and collaborating, so if you’re running a campaign or an event, are a charity looking for volunteers, or a company doing your bit, get in touch.

Alternatively if are looking for relevant information or to be connected to a potential speaker, fill in the form below and we’d be happy to help facilitate a connection where possible.